Yang Wang

Room 130.012, Ufo, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 35, B-9000 Gent, België.

T: 093310285   

F: 093310299  

E: John.Wang@ugent.be


Research interests

  •  Rural Land Tenure reforms 
  • Social Networks of Peasants Society 
  • Socioeconomic History of China


PhD Research

"Peasant Existence in Transition Social Structure and Land Reforms in the Yangzi Delta:1850-1980",  Supervised by Prof. Dr. Eric Vanhaute.

This research forms part of the research project "The end of peasant societies in an historical and comparative perspective. A comparative research project into the changing peasant societies in Europe (North Sea Area), Asia (Yangtze River Delta) and Latin America (Central Andes)" (FWO-Vlaanderen 2009-2012), under direction of Prof. Dr. Eric Vanhaute and with fellow researcher Hanne Cottyn and Yang Wang.

This is a subproject of Polarizations and upward trends in the world-system (1500-2000), research project 2008-2012 under direction of I. Wallerstein (International Social Science Council, UNESCO, as part of the program 'Global Social Change. Financing: Gulbankian Commission). Theme: Trends of polarisation and the end of peasantries.