Michael Limberger

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1966 (Linz, Austria); Ph.D. (UA, 2000)
Associate Professor
Bureau: 130.015, Ufo - Sint-Pieersnieuwstraat,35
Tel: + 32 9 331.02.48
Fax: + 32 9 331.02.99
Office Hours: Monday  14 - 16 h


Fields of Research

  • Socio-economic history of the late middle ages and early modern period
  • Global history
  • Urban history


  • Taxation and Debt in the Early Modern City, Pickering & Chattoo, London, 2012. J.I. Andrés Ucendo and M. Limberger, eds.
  • 'Sixteenth-century Antwerp and its rural surroundings. Social and economic changes in the hinterland of a commercial metropolis (ca. 1450- ca. 1570)' (Studies in European Urban History, 14), Turnhout, 2008.
  • with M. 't Hart, 'Staatsmacht en stedelijke autonomie. Het geld van Antwerpen en Amsterdam (1500-1700)' in: Tijdschrift voor Sociale en Economische Geschiedenis 3 (2006), p. 36- 72. (special issue: het geld van de stad eds. M. 't Hart en M. van der Heijden)
  • 'Die Welt 1250 – 1500', Vienna 2009. (Globalgeschichte - Die Welt 1000-2000, deel 2) Thomas Ertl and Michael Limberger(ed.)
  • 'Merchant Capitalism and the countryside. Antwerp and the west of the duchy of Brabant (XVth - XVIth centuries)' in: P. Hoppenbrouwers, J.L. van Zanden, (eds.), Peasants into farmers? The transformation of the rural economy and society in the Low Countries (middle ages-19th century)in light of the Brenner debate (Corn publication series nr. 4), Turnhout, 2001, p. 158-178.
  • 'No town in the world provides more advantages': economies of agglomeration and the golden age of Antwerp' in: P. O'Brien e.a., eds.: Urban Achievement in Early Modern Europe. Golden Ages in Antwerp, Amsterdam and London, (Cambridge, 2001), p. 39-62.
  • with Ch. Vielle, 'Het land waar de peper groeit: de eerste Zuid-Nederlandse contacten met India' in: Goddeeris (ed.), Het wiel van Ashoka : Belgisch-Indiase contacten in historisch perpectief, Leuven, 2013, pp. 19-34.

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A comparative study of the rural land market in the Southern low Countriesin the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries (2011-2015)


  • History of Southern and Central Asia (1st bachelor Oriental languages and cultures, 2e-3e bachelor history)
  • Mondial processes in historical perspective (with J. Van Steenbergen and B. Lecocq) (3rd bachelor)
  • Economc history  (3rd bachelor) module: the pre-industrial world economy
  • Collaboration: Historical Practice III: Research paper (3rd bachelor)
  • History of the European expansion during the early modern period  (Master)
  • Maritime history (Master)
  • Financial and Monetary History of the middle ages and early modern period