Frank Caestecker


Faculteit Economie

Henleykaai, 84 (office 0.019)

9000 Gent

tel. 09/2432916


Consultation: by appointment

Research topics

  • Alien policy and international migration in 19th and 20th century Western Europe
  • European political and social history; state and/versus society; social policy.
  • Immigration policy
  • Labor migration
  • The Globalization or Internationalization of the European Economy , 1880-1980

Publications (selection)

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Alien Policy in Belgium, 1840-1940. The Creation of Guest Workers, Refugees and Illegal Aliens.  Oxford-New York: Berghahn Books, 2000.


Click here for a review by Andreas Fahrmeir.

Refugees from Nazi-Germany and the liberal European states, 1933-1939. Oxford-New York: Berghahn Books, 2010.


Click here for a review by Marjorie Lamberti (German Studies, 2010, pp. 597-598)

Click here for a review by Avraham Barkai (Historische Zeitschrift, 292, 2011, pp. 554-556)

Belgisch management van immigratie: veranderende doelstellingen, resultaten en statistische presentaties (1840-2000)

Germany as a transit-country for Eastern European labor migrants no longer necessary for the French and Belgian economies, 1929-1932

Flemish workers in Wallonia since the 19th century

Displaced Persons, a forgotten group of forced migrants

Migration from and into Belgium and Luxemburg (17th -20th century) in K. Bade, P. Emmer, J. OLtmer and L. Lucassen, Migration-Integration-Minderheiten seit dem 17.. Jahrhundert: eine europäishce Enzyklopädie.