Xiao Yu

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History Department, Ghent University
UFO, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 35, 9000 Gent
Room 130.012 Tel: +32.9.3310285
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  • Master in Economics, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (Sep 2006-Mar 2009)
  • PhD candidate in Peking University, major in political economy (Sep 2009- )

Research interests

  • Land system in China
  • Urban-rural disparity in China
  • Economic History of New China
  • Finance and Money Theory
  • Political Economy

PhD Research

The impact of the land system on the urban-rural disparity in China (1949-2009): An economic-historical reconstruction

Project summary:
Since New China was built in 1949, the economy has made a rapid development in 60 years. However, the economy in China is facing a potential threat due to the unbalanced development: the urban-rural gap is larger and larger in China, especially after the reform and opening-up in 1978. One reality is that the income of urban residents is 3.5 times of the income of rural residents at present, so the urban-rural gap is the best behalf of the rich-poor gap in Chinese society. In fact the issue of urban-rural disparity is so important that it has provoked an increasing number of riots in some of the Chinese rural areas. Therefore how to explain the disparity and decrease the gap has become a matter of critical significance, which has a close relationship with the long term economic development of China. The project analyzes on this issue from a novel perspective: land system. In the research, the hypothesis is that the land system in China at present should be changed, or the urban-rural gap will be increasing. The most important reason is that under the land system at the present, the rights for farmers are not clear, and the regulations of land by government are tight. They all will increase the cost of building factories and prevent the potential investments in rural areas, so the urbanization is slowly, the result is that dual economy becomes more and more obvious, the gap between rural and urban is larger and larger undoubted.


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  • The Time Literature & Art Press, 2008. (My duty is proofreading and overall planning the arrangement of contents as a coeditor, pp. 1-59 ), the contents can be divided into four parts in this volume:“缘起经”,“唯识三十论颂”,“大乘起信论”and“肇论”,which were written by Chinese historical figures. (as an editor)


  • “The Rural-Urban Interaction in China: A Causal Analysis by Using the Panel Data from 31 Provinces” (second author), paper accepted at the 23rd CEA (UK) and 4th CEA (Europe) Annual Conference, which will be held at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London University, London, April 2012.
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