Ronan Van Rossem

Department of Sociology
Korte Meer 3-5
9000 Gent Belgium

P: +32 (09) 264.84.57


Research Projects (Selection)

International Meta-DataBase

The International Meta-Database brings together data on the developments in the global system and of countries from 1960 on. Data is collected from IGOs, NGOs, academic institutions, etc. Currently the database contains about 20,000 data series with approximately 700 million data points.

Global Dynamics Project

GDP examines the effects of globalization on the structure of the global system, on the political, human and economic development of countries, and on how it affects country's behavior both domestically and internationally. The term ‘Globalization’ refers to the increasing interdependence and interpenetration of countries and regions. This is happening in a large array of domains including the ecological, the cultural, the political, the social etc … The global system is conceived as a multidimensional network, existing of cultural, economic, military and political ties between countries. The process of globalization has prompted concern amongst scholars about the potential hollowing out of state power, due to the increasing power of transnational corporations and to heightened global governance. However, it can be argued that in a globalizing world, strong states will be essential to steer domestic development in the right direction, to make full use of the opportunities offered by globalization, and to avoid its traps.